Cary Jr Trojans: Uniform Number Policy

CJT makes the numbers 00-99 available for each of our (4) weight levels (Bantam, Feather, Middle, and Light/Heavy).  Since jerseys need to be ordered before team assignments occur, CJT will not duplicate numbers at a weight level.

Player Number Assignment (in order of priority):

* Directors and Coordinators.  CJT Directors and Coordinators put in 100s of hours of work each year above and beyond coaching.  As an incentive to help retain and recruit directors and coordinators, their children will have first choice of numbers.

* Returning 8th graders.  Returning 8th graders have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the CJT program.  Therefore, returning 8th graders shall receive priority for their numbers.  In the event that two or more 8th graders would like the same number, the player with the most years of participation in the CJT program shall receive the number.

* Walk-in Registrations.  All CJT players must attend a walk-in registration to be sized for uniforms, and for initial weight-level placement.  Beginning this process early in the year significantly helps logistics for CJT.  Therefore, priority will be given to the players first in-line at walk-in registrations.

* Final-say.  The CJT President shall have final say in all numbering disputes.