If you love dancing, performing, and having fun then CJT dance is for you. Our Dance squads will perform a pre-game routine to get the boys "pumped up" before the game. The Dance squads also perform during halftime entertaining the crowd with high energy routines that include the latest dance moves to the hottest music. 


General Season Schedule

This years regular Cheer and Pom season begins on or around July 5th for most squads and runs until the first weekend in December. All squads cheer and perform one pre-season practice game and nine regular season games right along with our Football teams. Cheer and Pom squads continue along with our Football teams through the playoffs in October and into the Super Bowl games in November.  


Our practices begin in July, 2 days a week at Holy Cross or Cary area parks, as well as District 26 schools when school begins. Practices will be indoors for 3rd-8th grade.  Day and times are chosen by each coach.  Once we get closer to our Competition dates, coaches may increase practices to 3 days a week. Coaches will hand out all this information prior to our season starting. 

Our goal is to create a positive and fun environment promoting good character, teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship. We help to build self-confidence & self esteem, while motivating young women to reach their athletic potential in the sport of dance.  

Team Structure
2019 Dance will be offered to girls in 1st-4th grade and 5th-6th. Formation of each squad is dependent on having adequate registration numbers.