General Season Schedules

Season schedule

Normally the regular football season begins in July  and runs until late October with games being played each weekend. Teams may play pre-season practice games and then (usually) nine regular season games against other TCYFL teams. For teams reaching the post season, playoffs then begin at the end of October with the Super Bowls for each division occuring in the middle of November.

Preseason "Combine"

The Cary Junior Trojans tackle program begins with a two week preseason "combine" during which players accomplish the State required 10 hours of conditioning and coaches conduct their player skills assesment. The first week (or 10 hours) players rotate through conditioning drills aimed at developing basic speed, agility, and football skills while only wearing helmets and cleats, no other pads. The second week (only after completing the required 10 hours of conditioning) players practice in full pads while they rotate through full contact drills working in small groups developing football basics as they get ready for the regular season. During the combine, coaches are constantly evaluating all players so that they can properly draft players to their team as described in the draft process.


Beginning with the combine and lasting until school starts, tackle football practice occurs every night Monday through Friday usually for two hours each evening. Bantam football players practice at Deer Path school fields, Featherweight, and Middleweight teams practice at Lions Park, and the Lightweight and Heavyweight players practice at Galway Field. Once school begins, most coaches elect to practice 3 nights a week for two hours each night, but the practice schedule is at the discretion of the head coach.