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CJT General FAQ

 (see bottom of page for tackle, flag, cheer, and poms -specific FAQs)

1.  How can I become more involved in the CJT program?

There are a number of opportunities both at the team and organization level to help our athletes have a better experience.

At the team level, each team requires:  Assistant coaching/coordinators, Team Mom, Team Photographer, Team Videographer, Field Marshal, First Down Chains.  Please contact your team's coach to see how you can help.

At the CJT organization level, there are many board members and committee members that do the behind the scenes work.  This ranges from facility logistics, finances, concessions, uniforms, and many other duties.  CJT welcomes new volunteers - feel free to contact a board member with any questions, or stop by a board meeting (1st Tues of month) and ask how you can get involved.

2.  If I have an issue with a player, coach, or parent who do I contact?

Your first contact for issue resolution is with your players head coach. If the issue has not been resolved with the head coach, the next contact is with the level GM. If the issue is still not resolved contact the CJT president. Final decision on any issues are resolved by the board of directors.



3.  What does the registration fee and deposit go towards?

To cover field rental, maintenance, officials, insurance, equipment and operating expenses for this valuable experience. Ask any board member for the financial breakdown.

Did You Know ?

The Cary Jr Trojans Football Association (CJT) is a non-profit organization serving football, cheer, and pom participants in the Cary area.  CJT is a stand-alone organization that operates separately from the Cary Park District and Cary Consolidated School District #26.  CJT receives no outside funding beyond what is received from the participants fees or fundraising. 

CJT currently must pay the Cary Park District for use of Lions Park.  We also must pay the Cary Park District for the use of porta potties at our practice fields.  The Cary Consolidated School District does not charge CJT for the use of the field at the Junior High School.  We do however pay for any use of the school buildings.

Currently our program has experienced annual increases in our registration costs.  This is due to the rising cost of everything from helmets to indoor practice facilities for our cheerleaders and pom squads .  With the recent recession we have also experienced additional financial hardship by many participants.  We have increased the amount of financial assistance extended each year. 

The CJT program continues to evolve into a first class organization.  We had record number of cheer and pom squads go to the state competition and win!  This level of competition is something we added in recent years to expand the cheerleading and pom experience.   We continue to upgrade our football helmets to Riddell Speed in order to safeguard our players against injury. 

Many other communities are able to offer a football, cheer or pom programs at different fee structures.  These organizations are often supported by their Park District and are subsidized by tax money.  CJT is founded, coached and supported by a totally volunteer group of supporters.    

Cary Jr Trojans Football Executive Board